Recent Works





Solstice Garden

Solstice Garden 48’x36′

Walking by the lake

Walking by the lake 8″x8″

Cottage by Paradise Lane

Cottage by Paradise Lane 8″x8″

Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake 8″x8″

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Wood 42’x55″


The Moonlight Paints the Night

The Moonlight Paints the Night

Beautiful Dream

Beautiful Dream

Garden Delight 49"x32"

Garden Delight

Walking in the Woods 48"x48"

Walking in the Woods

Sunset at Trincomali Channel 49"x33"

Sunset at Trincomali Channel

One comment on “Recent Works

  1. Diana Berry says:

    Jade ~ It was lovely to meet you tonight. Thank you for coming to talk to me! I enjoyed it. Your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it! Also, I told Bill his name sounded familiar and after looking at his website I know why. I’ve seen his crystalline work in the past and have admired it. What a very talented couple you are. Perhaps some time I can visit you in you studios and see where the magic is made! Cheers ~ diana

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