MFA  Degree in Fine Arts     jade-QE2                                                                                                                                                                        

Brooklyn College, New York                                    

 BFA  Degree in Fine Arts

Tunghai University, Taiwan

Each of us has a unique way to express ourselves.
As a painter, I see the beauty of the world with my eyes, 
and it becomes a spiritual conduit leading me to the beautiful natural wherever I go.

I grew up in the small country of Taiwan with Chinese culture influence.For the last 15 years in North America I have moved continually from big cities to smaller cities and finally to my home on Galiano Island with its profound peace and beauty.

All those experiences from living in different environments have helped to broaden my vision. I see myself at last enjoying each moment I am in and doing the things I love. 
Transforming the visual beauty of the nature around me onto the canvas is like a meditation for me, a small self-sufficient world of creativity.